Box Lunches

Box Lunches are a great way to feed a group quickly. Eliminate waiting at the buffet. Everyone grabs their choice and they're off to lunch. Box lunches include everything for the meal but the person and the beverage. Your best bet is to get an assortment of sandwich boxes and a few salad boxes. Decide on price – classic or signature and let us put together an assortment that represents the selection of food large groups normally pick. Or tell us how you want the assortment. Each lunch is individually marked and contains condiments, dressings, utensils, napkins, and a cookie.

Box Lunch Choices

Choose from any of the items on our cafe menu. Classic deli sandwiches include our famous chicken salad, turkey, ham, rare roasted beef and vegetarian sandwiches. Signature sandwiches move it up a notch to our Chicken Waldorf, California Avocado, Turkey Bacon Avocado, hearty ABC, and more. All are made on fresh, baked that day bread. Salad Boxes start with our house, Caesar, and Greek salads and move up to the heavy weights. The Chopstix Chicken salad is the star of our signature salad line up with our balsamic bleu salad is standing ready in the wings. Add grilled chicken to any salad box. You choose, we box.
Lunch Box — Sandwich and potato chips outside the box in  Huntsville, AL

Catering Tip

Unless your group is small, go with an assortment. Letting each person in a large group choose from the menu and then counting on them to make sure they get the box with their name on it can be difficult. Of course we mark each box with its contents and a name if requested. But an assortment for large groups allows everyone to see the area with the chicken salad boxes and the area with the greek salad boxes, pick one up and go eat. Saves time for everyone. Reduces the complexity for you and for your group.