Atlanta Bread in Huntsville, Alabama

Walk through the doors at Atlanta Bread Huntsville and you immediately know you are in a bakery cafe. There is cinnamon and coffee in the air, fresh baked baguettes coming out of the oven, and that cookie aroma like mom's kitchen. When it comes to food, it's not how soon you finish, but how recently since it left the oven - the fresher, the better. All croissants, muffins, and breads are baked the day you see them.
We start baking just hours before we open to have fresh baked bagels and pastries ready to go with your coffee early in the morning. You'll find us baking all day when demand is high for goodies. Bread served with your soup is baked just before meal times.

Helping Our Community

At the end of every day, leftover fresh baked croissants, muffins, breads are given to local organizations to help those in need. Find us at many fundraising events providing our neighborhood hospitality with food and beverage to support volunteers and participants.
Beverages — Three cup of Juices with vanilla toppings in  Huntsville, AL

Made to Order for You

We are always happy to bake to order just for you. If you want a seasonal cranberry orange loaf or a dozen pecan rolls, call ahead, we'll have it ready for you in a few hours. Of course all sandwiches and salads are made to order featuring the freshest produce and quality ingredients. Our soups are renowned.

News & Events

We love our community & are involved in many local events that you may want to join or read about. Check back often for the latest news from Atlanta Bread Huntsville!
Salads — Healthy mixed vegetables and fruits in  Huntsville, AL
Desserts — Chocolate cupcake with caramel flakes toppings in  Huntsville, AL
Sandwiches — Sliced Sandwich with vegetables and meat in  Huntsville, AL
“My daughter and I had some of their delicious food at a race we recently attended! It was so good and my daughter said the sandwich tastes like heaven!”
- Nina L | Facebook Review